Wee fairie folk

Tales of Fairies

In North American culture, Disney makes fairie tales come true.  The fact is, in Shetland and Orkney as in other Northern cultures, there is a strong history of folklore that Disney has often drawn upon for its financial success.  Selkies,  kelpies,  giants and wee fairie folk populate the land (and sea) as much as humans do. Selkies have been known to mate with humans to produce beautiful children and kelpies will carry away those children on their sticky backs if parents are not vigilant. Most importantly, fairie folk can be helpers or a nuisance depending on how humans treat them, so be kind to one another and be sure to leave some food out for them on special occasions. Or when you are feeling some unknown spirit has helped you.  These folk appear in abundance around the Winter holidays. General orders open in mid-November. Custom orders available anytime. Prices start at $35 and go up, depending on complexity. Typical size: four inches excluding hat and wood base.

The Winter Elf -SOLD

The Stylist's Helper - SOLD

The Butterfly Lady - SOLD

The Evergreen Spirit -SOLD

An Orkney Trow -NFS

Brother Evergreen Elves -SOLD

Swedish Tomte -SOLD

15% of sales go to an Ottawa Homeless Shelter.