Eco-printed Silk Scarves

Sumac, acer and Japanese maple leaves on light grey silk.

NEW!! Eco-printed silk         scarves

This prototype gold and indigo beauty was printed on Chinese silk. More to come!

Workshops to learn the technique arrive in 2024.

Mixed mauve and pink Merino wool scarf.

Mixed pink and yellow merino wool neck scarf.  SOLD

Mixed browns and greens Merino wool scarf.  

Mixed grey and white Merino wool with rust edges. SOLD

A Canadian must-have

Many folks think that any wool scarf is going to be "itchy" which is just not true! Merino wool is soft, soft, soft, and even more luxuriously soft when you add silk fibres to it. Then, it is too gorgeous for words. Most of my scarves are made with 100% Merino wool sourced from Canadian retailers. Unlike Orkney and Shetland wool roving, Merino wool is obedient and does exactly what one asks of it!! 

The Canadian must-have comes in a multitude of colours. If you don't see the colour you want, you can email me at and ask for colours more suited to your taste. I will let you know if  I have your desired colours in my stash,  and if not, how long it will take me to purchase them and make it  for you.  Approximate dimensions:  9" (w) x  32" ( l). These scarves retail at $75 CDN