Stitch as a design element

Many of my art pieces include stitching and embroidery. This page illustrates work that includes stitch as a key feature of the design.

Fabric of the Universe (NFS)

Rice papers, tissue paper, hand-stitching.

In Memory of Her: Isobel Gunn (NFS)

Burlap, hemp rope, leather, lace, hand and machine stitching.

Mum's Chiclet Purse (NFS)

Hand-made felted bag, cords, and squares, hand-stitching, found objects.

Hunting: Viking ship and whale - SOLD

Painted canvas, felt, cyanotype, hand-stitching

Waterline - SOLD

Felted backgound, sumi-e ink, fishing line, hand-stitching.


Felted table runner, hand-stitching.